We are all so talented

by gosutrading

Today I am going to put a disclaimer at the top. As this subject could potentially ruffle some feathers.

I appreciate all the effort people have put into developing “e-sports” with Starcraft 2 in my mind as e-sports right now. There is no denying that man hours have been put into trying to create something great.  I mean no ill will towards anyone who I have indirectly offended from this blog I am merely pointing out observations of mine and this is not a personal attack on anyone.


There are numerous things I have heard throughout my experience with Starcraft 2. Things like “he has done more for e-sports than you ever will” or “he works so hard and does it because of his passion”.  Actually when these things are said I generally want to throw up.

Firstly, if “they have done more than a person ever will in e-sports” e-sports has a pretty freakin’ bleak future. Because up till today, e-sports for sure has not reach its full potential and still is in its infancy. So to even use that as a defense paints a really dark picture over the industry as its far from developed.

No person will ever do something over the long term unless they are getting something out of it. Be it pleasure, money, fulfillment, FRIENDS, popularity or anything else. You can’t sit there and say “I do it and it doesn’t make me feel good, I hate it but I do it for starcraft”.

Alas, this is not the thing I am going to address in this blog. I am going to address the ‘illusion’ that people in e-sports work harder than people in other markets which is a complete fallacy.

People do indeed work hard in e-sports at least compared to some of the staff I had in Malaysia or have seen working in government departments. E-sports is far ahead of these markets. But I am going to point out a few things that will perhaps remove e-sports from the top of your list as the most ‘hard working’ industry.

Firstly, the majority of folk working in e-sports are not qualified to be doing what they are doing. I am going to use myself as an example to lower the peacocks feathers a bit.

I am not qualified to run a tournament or event. I am not qualified to coach or direct a starcraft 2 team even though I hit GM on SEA one season (subtle brag). I am not qualified to do PR for a major organisation.  I should NOT have been put on a position where I had to do those things but I was forced to be in such a position due to lack of budget and the illusion of working hard. Truth be known if I did not have to part take in those sides of the business I might still be plugging FXOpen e-sports all over the internet today. But because of these multiple positions that I was required to fill I was working approximately 18-20 hour days (FX always came first then e-Sports). Sometimes days at a time with no sleep or sleeping in the office. It wasn’t as productive as it should have been but hey I worked hard.

Back to my point, a person who would be qualified to perform the tasks listed above would have easily been able to achieve their targets in a full working day no problem and probably worked as hard as the majority of the 9-5ers out there.

Biting off more than you can chew seems to be a very very common thing in Starcraft 2. There are so many ‘jacks of all trades masters of none’ running around out there.

Extending, my previous blog about WCS saving Korean SC2 I would like to talk about the consolidation of talent within Starcraft 2 that could potentially fix a few problems. Perhaps if some of the talent was consolidated to certain organisations to create a complete ‘team’ of staff whom would compliment each other immensely, popularity and profitability may return. For instance if you have a guy who’s greatest talent is graphics but he is doing graphics, web design, writing, proof reading and PR. Perhaps its time you make him graphics specific or perhaps graphics and web design specific and get a writer in to do the rest. Increasing productivity and being able to achieve more over a shorter period of time leading to more revenue.

Now some of you may be saying “but that would increase the budget and there is no money” and I counter that with writers don’t get paid very much in e-sports generally. Nor do graphics guys. Most of the writers and graphics people I have spoken to in Starcraft have stated they do it in the hope of gaining a job that will help them reach their financial goals. Either by moving up in an organisation or via having a portfolio of work that is displayed to an audience.  They are not the 50k-100k a year writers that you see writing for Newspapers but they are hoping to get there some day. So hire smart.

Next if someone is qualified and applies for a job but your mate wants a job and is not qualified. HIRE THE QUALIFIED GUY FOR PETES SAKE. I have seen it way too often in Starcraft where someone is overlooked because they want to give the job to their mate rather than the guy who could do the job well. Of course your mate is going to need to work hard…. he has no idea what he is doing.

Actually I ran into this problem when I was trying to hire for our sales team at FXOpen. A person had a ‘mate’ he wanted to hire and I had found a qualified candidate but of course the mate was hired. And left like 3 weeks later. The qualified person did not respond to emails or phone calls after that point, who knows what happened to him but we missed a great opportunity to increase revenue. (Staff were hired by a panel of people not just 1 HR manager. I seemed to always lose out on the votes but the ones who won generally hired people who were not good for the company).

Hiring staff can be a really daunting process and settling for whats in front of you is a very strong temptation. But if you are going to succeed as an entrepreneur you will need to hire smart and make your organisation super efficient as well as super strong. Those daily 8 hours of work need to be the same as your competitors 20 hours of work.  Alternatively if you could outsource some of your grunt work at cheaper than Starcraft 2 rates you should do it. An outside perspective is always valuable.

Finally I want to raise a question for an intelligent discussion. Why are some people in Starcraft 2 being paid more for doing almost nothing than those who do so much?

My conclusion to all this going on is that if people restructured into an efficient structure  it might hurt some peoples feelings but Starcraft 2 will last a lot longer than it looks like it will right now and we will be able to see those things that make an event, player or tournament POP or even better created the next big bang.


Thank you to @tortedelini (twitter) for brain storming with me about this blog and its contents and the angle in which I should take it.

He has since pointed out another flaw in me and that is grammar and punctuation. 

Troll disclaimer

I have highlighted my weaknesses in this blog because they are my weaknesses. The majority of other roles in e-sports I would be suitable to fill from my experience outside of e-sports. Sales, SEO, project development and relationship management etc etc are all things I am qualified and competent in. I welcome trolling towards my failures.

Sorry that todays blog may not be as juicy as you’d hoped my next blog would be. But I am still trying to get some research done on the other things connected to WCS and SC2’s current condition and people are not playing ball. Mostly because they do not wish for me to talk about it. I’ll get it some how 😉


Joshua Dentrinos

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