You’ve been played.

by gosutrading

You’ve been played Starcraft 2 community. Your reactions to blogs, such as my past blogs, were all expected reactions to people looking for attention. 

In the past I have always been business focused in my blog posts of course I don’t really know much else. I have played games my whole life but my background is sales, financial planning and business development/project management. I don’t know jack about media, very little about media marketing and I sure as hell don’t know much about advertising outside of the financial industry. But I bet you I could sell it given the resources.

One of the greatest illusions at least in the Starcraft 2 community is that the community as a whole isn’t being baited by drama. You are being baited. It brings in page views and fills the kitty of those of us who look to grow our brand and organisation. Part-taking in that drama even in a trolling fashion will further increase the page views. There is no such thing as bad publicity. Especially in an industry that is desperate for any type of publicity.

When I had originally joined FXOpen in my previous role, they had gotten by and grown immensely due to bad publicity. My original vision for them was to change that image as once you reach a certain size your business cannot thrive on negative media alone. It was turned around very quickly and e-Sports was a great way to remove the bad search results about FXOpen in google (that were severely out dated).  FXOpen is by no means a bad business knowing their systems inside out I know the legitimacy of such a business but the original media work involved is very similar to e-Sports and from a personal point of view…. horrible.

Generally if business is going smoothly and there is no noise you find a way create noise even if that noise is temporary. For every dramatic piece of splurge I spat out on my original blog we or I gained fans. Just like I may gain fans from this blog although I have no means of monetizing them nor do I want to put in the effort to do so. You also gain anti-fans with whom in discussion your fans will argue with and debate against, causing two sides. If there are two sides you gain viewership. People who want you to win and people who want you to fail, overall you get most of the demographic with SC2/e-sports being so small. 

One of the common arguments to Richard Lewis’ articles that just came out about the recent drama is that “he is just writing these for hits”. I do request someone to tell me why someone would write a piece and not want it to get hits? Its really dumb to even say that to begin with. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the people saying that are the ones who click the link multiple times.

Why does Paris Hilton get paid so much to attend a party? Drama. How many of you actually clicked on a link of destiny’s penis? Thousands…. Drama. You don’t see the hot weather girl or guy getting paid 500k to attend a party and there is almost no drama in weather and they are hot! There is no intrigue or drama surrounding these people. Why do players who have no achievements get followers/viewers? Because at some stage the armies split up and drama occurred.  People follow them because they hate them and people follow them because they love them. Either way they follow them and their voice becomes louder.

A counter argument to this would be EG suppy. Extremely intelligent and polite lad. But the organisation he is part of does follow the rule and generally if you are under the guise of an organisation their package or baggage follows you. 

Every time you comment on drama you refresh it. Crying about the drama won’t make it go away, it will just make it more dramatic. Ignoring it is the only option, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. 


Recently I have been studying e-Sports again looking to get back in with a non media role (I really don’t like attention) and try to contribute to the industry growth as well as my own wealth by doing the things I know best which ultimately has very little to do with e-Sports but if I can bring money to the industry the world is mine right? One of the things I have noticed and was blind to before due to the ‘inside’ is that the industry does have a ‘toxic’ element to it but its only minor and it was caused by us, the people who have or at some stage had a responsibility to the growth and professionalism of the industry. 

It wasn’t always ‘this’ toxic, but as figureheads of the industry we deserve it from the decisions we have made and its up to us to change it by making better decisions.






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